Inspired by the natural beauty and culture of Scotland, the heritage watches are all crafted in Glasgow using reclaimed whisky barrels. 



The unique handmade and handstitched straps are produced using a selection of fine Scottish leather produced by Muirhead since 1840.



All our watches are never the same and one of a kind, they come in different shades of colour and grains due to the properties of the barrels. The watches are hand-finished using Danish oil to bring out the rich grains of the wood. 

HERITAGE (Black leather)

    • Swiss Ronda 762 
    • Mineral glass with silver trim
    • 42mm whisky barrel case width
    • 11mm case height
    • Splash resistant
    • 20mm Handmade Scottish leather strap
    • 3 year warranty
  • As the watch is used, the appearance will change over time due to wear and tear. We hope this will create a stronger connection to the user. 


    Due to the characteristics of any wooden watch it is best to avoid contact with too much water. The watch is however splash resistant.