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  • How long does the watch strap last and can I buy a replacement?

The watch strap will eventually have wear and tear, to prolong the life-span of the strap, avoid excessive contact with water. A replacement watch strap can be bought separately. Please contact us for more information.  

  • Can I change the size of strap?

All our watch straps are created to fit most sizes, if you have any issues and require a size larger or smaller please contact us. 

  • Is the watch waterproof?

The watches are unfortunately not built to be waterproof but water-resistant due to the handmade nature. 


  • How long will it take for shipping?

All our watches are made specifically for you once the order has been placed, the watch roughly takes around 1-2 weeks to handcraft, assemble and test before it is shipped. Once it is ready, you will be notified and provided a tracked shipment. Please check our Shipping and Returns page for more detail.

  • How do you pronounce Fiodh?

'Fiodh' can be pronounced as 'Fi-o-ch', this is a Scottish Gaelic word meaning wood or timber.


  • How does the 3 year warranty work?

Our 3 year warranty covers the internal movement, hands, dial and crown. External components, such as the band, case, glass, and the battery, are not included in the warranty.


The warranty does not cover issues if it has signs of internal water damage. Please contact us with the problem, date of purchase and name so we can either have it fixed or replaced. The payment for return shipping will be covered. 

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